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Refining Self-Perception through Self-Devotion

Sunday ~ 5pm ET / 6pm ADT / 10pm GMT / 2pm PT – 90 minutes

As we discussed last week, the outer sense organs determine how we interpret reality. And from trauma in the dream that was held as memory in the outer sense organs, we have perceived a harsh, hostile world.  And since what we perceive becomes the dream we get trapped in, our beliefs have been reinforced until they formed a thick imprisoning matrix.

And to the degree that we have mistrusted life to support us, so have we been self-critical and in self-blame over being unworthy of support, because our selective perception will see others as deserving, and justify our victimhood or unimpeccable behaviors.  So our self-perception and level of self-worth and self-respect is part of the equation of how the outer sense organs can become open to the new and perceive only from the wondrous mystery of the unknown at the ‘wonderful becoming’. This week we will break the vicious cycle through a daily self-devotional practice to embrace the mystery of the self.

We are at a major confluence point, where all power has converged, here and now, for a monumental leap into the new. The destructuring in many areas of world affairs is because the old dream is no longer viable, and purification is necessary. We can go along with the massive purification to awakening, or we can experience the painful destructuring–it is our choice. If you are experiencing intense challenge, there is no benefit in self-berating….surrender is but a moment away, and grace will follow.

DQ-19For this week, the focus will be on embracing newness through self-valuing and self-devotional living. If you want to awaken to your indivisibility with Source, you have to be infinitely more self-affirming and respectful of your being. The new reality is one in which change is by alchemy with the Infinite, and in order to become a vessel that can hold Divine Presence, all programs of smallness and unworthiness need to be eradicated. You are to be devotional to yourself as a most exquisite work of art.

Through inspiring personal practice and rituals of self-care, you will support yourself to new perspectives that open up the sense organs to only see benevolence and higher potentials. To get to the new reality, the angels have shared that we must act ‘as if’ we are there.   No more thinking we have to perfect ourselves, do a lot of processes…..each moment is one in which we can shift from the perspective of the small self to our eternal  vastness…from flatness to glad expectations, from hopelessness to unwavering hope.  The evolutionary journey presently is so incredible, were we to see it from a much higher vantage point, we would all gladly leave the life we’ve known behind, and allow ourselves to transcend in complete surrender and awe.


General Process for the Remote Session

For this session, spend at least an hour in meditation.

1) If you have Fragrance Alchemy

FA logo 2

  • Do the 3 centers FA Protocol:
  • Blend of the Gods and Flower of Saffron on the Crown point (top of head)
  • Rose and Henna Flower on the Heart center and/or Self-Compassion blend
  • Lion of Judah 2 inches below the navel

Apply Song of High Heart to the thymus area, Lotus oil 2 inches above the navel, and Rose oil between the eyebrows.

2) Choose a music elixir and align the 3 centers. Here is a link to a brief version: 3 centers All is Well.MP3 

Have the EHS power sigil printed so you can look at it, and intend it to activate in Head, Heart, and Gut centers. (If you have our personal EHS activated, then use that). Next, imagine the EHS expanding out as a cocoon of healing light/frequencies around you. The EHS acts as an ‘enfolding embrace’ for all the transmission accumulated over the course of our work.

3) Suggested PDF available within the Member's area.

4) Play a music elixir (the Poetry of Dreaming elixir is always a good choice (on the general resource page). Now for the meditation, go into complete mindlessness as best you can. If you have thought, don’t engage. You can contemplate on the senses in general and how they will construct a completely new reality when you have a radically new sense of your infinite being of boundless potential.  Be self-encouraging, open to the unknowable beyond what may seem possible.

5) At the end of your meditation, acknowledge and be grateful for all support, and flow your appreciation through head, heart, and gut and feel it raying out to all areas of your life. Know that you are creating a powerful field of intention around you, to perceive and co-create a refined reality beyond what you have yet known.

Materials for the Week


  • Practice self-devotion through acts or rituals of self-care every day.  Maybe you light a candle and anoint your body with FA oils before doing your nightly 5-min practice.  Maybe it’s buying yourself flowers for your office space.  Whatever feels wonderful to you on any given day.
  • Apply the self-compassion FA oil all week if you have it, wearing it over your heart center.  Another option is Rose and Henna oil on the heart.
  • Set a phone alarm for 3 times per day, and at those times, pause and go into self-appreciation and self-valuing… even self-adoration if so inspired.  If you want to awaken to your indivisibility with Source within, you have to be infinitely more self-affirming and respectful of your being. If it feels false, take a deep breath, ‘smile from the heart’, and remind yourself that the part that questions your self-adoration is the false self…so no need to pay attention. And continue on….Alternatively, state a mantra at those times, such as “I am  a luminous, exquisite miracle of incomparable beauty“…”As I live in self-adoration, so my luminosity and beauty shine through my expression.”

Set the alarm for some best time from noon to 8pm, a best time between 8pm and bedtime, and then a best time in the morning before noon.

  • Continue the 5 minute  process focusing on all that you love and being in appreciation of it each morning and night, but now add elements of self-love and self-appreciation, and continue the simple steps:
    • At night before sleep, ask that you enter into the Ocean of Oneness, becoming formless… releasing yourself into your vastness, to reform from a purified state of newness each morning.
    • Every morning, feel yourself having been rebirthed into oneness with Source.

Short 3-minute Audio Exercises

Here are very short exercises–extracts from a journey audio in the Radiant Powers program, to change worry through actively imagining ‘wonderful becoming’. You can change anything… flatness, self-judgement… any state that is not one of active co-creation of what is desired or simply any issue that traps your attention.

Runes for the Week

Here is an integration of 3 runes for devotional living: Devotional Living Integration

To explore the Rune Mastery App, visit the One Rune Daily Pick on our Complimentary Resources page! 

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