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Perceiving True Life Beyond Illusion from Upgraded Sense Organs

Sunday ~ 5pm ET / 6pm ADT / 10pm GMT / 2pm PT – 90 minutes

The outer sense organs determine how we interpret reality. Through the ages in the illusion of separation, most have experienced significant trauma, and interpreting life through the lenses of woundedness causes us to re-traumatize ourselves through painful ways of interpreting life and holding negative expectations.  When we brace for the ‘other shoe to drop’, or  hold back from expressing due to having negative expectations, we perpetuate a lackluster existence in which the other shoe keeps dropping.

We construct a subset of reality through the senses, and to the extent that the senses are separated from holding traumatic memory, we really create pure delusions about reality. Like the blind men convinced that the elephant is a rope or a hose…a tree trunk and so on, so too we make wrong conclusions about life.

Trauma stores in the organs associated with the 12 ordinary meridians, and memory of trauma is lodged in the sense organs. Negative emotions and limiting beliefs come from perceiving in sense organs, based on the stories that are stored in organs. It is imperative that this all be cleared at this time in  evolution, because the old dream is closing down.  We can wait for forced change, or we can embrace graceful destructuring through releasing what no longer serves.  There is so much support to clear meridians, organs, and sense organs at this time, and working with the many program offerings is certainly recommended.

elephant and blind men

The Runes in particular are powers to clear, evolve, and merge inner and outer sense organs, so that we perceive a new reality. As the sense organs merge as a unified field, we will stop labeling by interpreting, but rather will simply enjoy the direct sensory experience of life .  How deeply we perceive and how much we enjoy the sensual experience is what generates the power to manifest life anew.  This also brings deeper knowing from whole-being experience.

As we perceive from whole-being, so we actualize in our reality.

We may work on the senses for the next 2 sessions,  to give you time to perceive anew all week so that you open up to deeper activation the next.

General Process for the Remote Session

For this session, spend at least 30 minutes processing, then  another 30 minutes in pure mindlessness, followed by 10 minutes of creating life a new. End with the short video on the 18 Principles of Brilliant Authenticity. Total time: approximately 75 minutes

1) If you have Fragrance Alchemy

FA logo 2

  • Do the 3 centers FA Protocol:
  • Blend of the Gods and Flower of Saffron on the Crown point (top of head)
  • Rose and Henna Flower on the Heart center
  • Lion of Judah 2 inches below the navel

Apply the full protocol to clear the 12 ordinary meridians.

Also add Rose oil to the 13 points on the head.

2) Processing Step

From a place of self-compassion, scrutinize your life from an observer perspective. Find the main beliefs that run the life you observe. The beliefs are what shape the life. If you are caught in a loveless marriage, for example, you may have beliefs around not being lovable, or having to compromise or sell out for sense of safety. It you have apparent financial or health issues you may feel life is a struggle and may harbor beliefs around lack of receptive self-worth. You may have beliefs around cause and effect in health, aging, around how things may come to you, etc.  You may feel trapped in various areas of life…find the beliefs that would create such life situations. Just write out the beliefs in broad strokes.

Now feel into a life of limitlessness…one that shapes according to having no limitations whatsoever….what beliefs feel obsolete to you?

Next look at the main hurts, betrayals, regrets, ‘mistakes’, injustices, that still weigh on you. It is time to turn all density into usable power through insight. Make a ‘statement of fact’  on reality based on each one.  Does that feel absolutely true? To what small part of you does that feel true?

Now feel into your being as permeating your whole reality…you as center pivot point…what higher truth is there to access?

Then read over the beliefs and statements of fact you wrote, and let yourself feel the humor of them, the way a parent might be amused by a child’s perspective on things.  All those beliefs and statements are programs that are running in your sense organs, because they hold memory of past trauma that has yet been unresolved…Often unresolved is simply a matter of bringing attention to and letting dissolve.

Trauma stores in organs, and memory of trauma in sense organs. All negative emotions and limiting beliefs come from perceiving based on the reality stored in organs. There is all support to shift this.

Now open to having all your sense organs cleansed during the session.

3) Choose a music elixir and align the 3 centers. Here is a link to a brief version: 3 centers All is Well.MP3 

Have the EHS power sigil printed so you can look at it, and intend it to activate in Head, Heart, and Gut centers. (If you have our personal EHS activated, then use that). Next, imagine the EHS expanding out as a cocoon of healing light/frequencies around you. The EHS acts as an ‘enfolding embrace’ for all the transmission accumulated over the course of our work.

4) Suggested PDF available within the Member's area.

5) Play a music elixir (the Poetry of Dreaming elixir is always a good choice; available on the General Resources page). Now for the meditation, go into complete mindlessness as best you can. If you have thought, don’t engage. You can contemplate on the senses in general and how they construct reality….be in appreciation of them, opening to having their higher functions activate. 

6) At the end of your meditation, acknowledge and be grateful for all support, and flow your appreciation through head, heart, and gut and feel it raying out to your all areas of your life. Know that you are creating a powerful field of intention around you, to perceive a higher reality beyond beliefs and limitations.

Materials for the Week


  • Question what you perceive all week. How much is what you perceive based on beliefs and habitual patterns? Observe the ‘part’ of you that has that perception. Let go of limitation and see/hear/feel/respond anew from knowing you permeate everything in your reality…every situation is there for you to fluidly reshape by self-refinement…by releasing the old.
  • Continue the 5 minute  process focusing on all that you love and being in appreciation of it each morning and night, and add these simple steps:
  • At night before sleep, ask that you enter into the Ocean of Oneness, becoming formless…releasing yourself into your vastness, to reform from a purified state of newness each morning.
  • Every morning, feel yourself having been rebirthed beyond all past stories and habitual patterns.

Video of the 18 Principles of Brilliant Authenticity

These eliminate the delusion of separation of the One into the Many.  When we stop perceiving other as separate, life becomes fluid and we can embrace all situations and interactions as serving us to deeper self-discovery.

  • Video: Available within the Members' Area

Audio Meditations: Good  meditations for the theme of this week are ones from prior weeks, namely, Connect to the Evolutionary Impulse through the Future Self, and Empty-Fullness-Dream Anew

Runes for the Week

Here is an integration of 7 runes through the 7 Fields of perception, to refine perception through the senses: Refining Perception through the 7 Fields

To explore the Rune Mastery App, visit the One Rune Daily Pick on our Complimentary Resources page! 

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