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The Embodied Harmonics Symbol Attunement Program

Many years ago I had a clear sense that there needed to be healing support by way of an entrainment field, such that clients could be held in a 'sacred space' that dissolved interference and upheld higher potentials. That is when I started working on the EHS tool (Enhanced Healing Symbol, later renamed Embodied Harmonics Symbol).  

I worked on it tirelessly for years, as I searched for more effective healing methods that would work in all the clients that came to me.

I wove it into a process I called 'Vertical Awaring', which enabled depth perspective beyond the stories of pain, and the awakening of the 'observer' self--portal to the eternal self. This changed my life completely, as I was now able to switch from being caught in situations to observing them from a place of deep peace. More graceful unfolding resulted as I navigated great intensity at the time when I discovered this inner alignment.

Meanwhile, the EHS  expanded as I did, but it was not until I met Almine and had her bless it that it expanded to far beyond.  It is now a very powerful tool that entrains through tonal luminosity (indivisible frequency and light). It is fully supported and holds most expansive flows of tone and light that elevates organs, meridians, body systems, etc, to higher vibratory states....higher harmonics.  it works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

I used to 'teach' the EHS, but it was hard to teach when it keeps operating beyond what I can know. So now I simply attune clients to it, so they have their 'personal' EHS, 

And in the course of the years, 'vertical awaring' was renamed the 3-centers alignment, and it expanded to include 'horizonal awaring' as well. You see, initially I only had part of the picture--the piece that served in the Dream of Separation. The other part came from the feminine reality, where life is experienced in its broadest aspects from knowing the self as vast as creation itself.   Vertical awaring is about individuation that expresses the true self and is free of conditioning, negative emotions, attachments, and programs, and it creates a portal opening to the horizontal reality of the feminine.  When the true feminine can arise into embodied expression, we open to a life beyond opposites...a life of miracles.

This topic is addressed from many angles in the programs we offer, but for now, I will briefly explain how monumentally life-changing it is to operate from vertical and horizontal 'awaring', or from 3-centers alignment that is fully activated in outer and inner space.

With 3-centers alignment of Head, Heart, and Gut from the 'outer' perspective, we create an opening to the eternal self that brings to us pure potential in alignment with our Heart's true desires.   When we engage from our vastness, we permeate our whole environment and inner and outer realities are experienced as indivisible, We then live in devotion to the our full potential arising, and all relationships express our relationship with Source, with Life, with Self. 

As we deepen in this and the inner aspects of the 3 centers activate, the body evolves new faculties, and we participate in life as co-creators...the potency, authenticity, and inspired action that we express into our lives lives is then a blessing to all life.  We bring heaven on earth through the sanctity of our own journey wherein we create of our life, a work of art.

To receive your personal EHS, you may sign up on the link below.  In this program you will receive introductory materials on the 3-centers alignment, followed by a 75 minute call with me to understand and experience the alignment process.  After you work with the material for a week or so, then we schedule the attunement session (an hour session). Sessions are done on the zoom platform, and are scheduled after you make the purchase.

Your EHS is yours for life!  And you can use it in all of our programs for enhanced effectiveness. 


Practitioner Training (with the EHS)

I said I no longer teach the EHS, but I am starting to teach a healing method whereby the practitioner becomes the entrainment 'tool' to support deep healing in clients.  This is supported through the EHS processes. The prerequisites to sign up for this option include the following:

  • The Chakra Activation Program (currently available)
  • The 12 Ordinary Meridian Program (currently on the WBF platform, to be packaged as standalone program upon completion)

Recommended (optional) study includes

  • The Rune Mastery Program or the Divinity Quest program.

If you are interested, send an email to with "Practitioner Training with Anita" in the subject line. 

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