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Whole Being Flourishing is a platform that offers the most potent and pristine healing that is available to Lightworkers. After years of study and searching, and diving deeply into the metaphysics of healing, we found the work of the great mystic and seer, Almine. Her modalities are untaintable, infinite in depth, and peerless--they evolve with us as we push the boundaries of the created cosmos. Through them, we can leave linear time where we age and die, and we leave the law of karma and compensation that binds us to cycles, and we move to a reality that is impelled by inspiration and has no limitations and no limits to what may be manifested.

Healing is not about improving current conditions, imposing energetic changes, or coming to 'forgiveness', rather is it about a return to wholeness, where the broken state never was. There is nothing to improve or to forgive, there is only all the stories to dissolve and let go of. The body 'heals' through remembering it never was harmed as the stories dissolve like mist in the rays of the sun.

Both Jodie and Anita have been steeped in these modalities for the last 6 years, and are committed to daily self-purification so that we are clear vessels to deliver the activations. You can read about the remote healing programs and daily maintenance, in the Monthly Healing Program, below. We also offer other specialized programs that are the result of years and years of unrelenting exploration.

Current Offerings detailed below include:

Weekly Healing Program Initiative

The Weekly Healing Program initiative is part of a larger vision of bringing liberation to all who are earnestly seeking to change their lives. It is for people at all levels on their healing journey.

It works with powerful healing tools and alchemical processes, delivering the cutting edge of what is possible to embody at present, through engaging many angelic beings that are here to support the biggest leap of consciousness in the evolution of humanity.

Logistically, we do a remote healing session weekly, invoking all support for what our particular focus is, and then work remotely on all participants. This is followed up by daily maintenance, where a powerful field of healing blessings is maintained around participants. Participants receive instructions on what to do during the remote session, and how to open to receive the blessings during the week. Each week, an audio meditation or some material is shared, to support the work we are doing.

Both Jodie and Anita share in their devotion to impeccability and effectiveness in healing, and it is not until this year that it felt right to be offering this. Before then, there was still many unclear factors as life on earth was still under elements of interference. That has changed in the last six months, and it is very much time to move into the the highest of what is possible presently. You may think of it as being part of  the first wave of those who establish themselves outside of the laws of compensation.

Each week we feel the pulse of life and sense what is being called for, and from the vast set of alchemical healing tools and ceremonies, we focus on aspects of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being.  Anita works through sensing, Jodie through sense and inner sight, and together we hold a sacred space in which we work with many specific leagues of angelic beings and archetypes who are eager to participate in helping establish highest potentials in embodiment.

We work form the understanding that there is perfection underlying all appearance; and that healing is a process of remembering of our wholeness… remembering the Self that never separated; remembering that separation is a dream.

To explore membership options, visit the details at: Monthly Membership

The 10-week Chakra Activation program

The chakras are evolving as we enter the feminine reality, and their functions are very different in the new reality. The chakras are ‘lenses’ onto vast fields of existence that emerged over eons in the ‘dream of separation’–the reality we are now leaving behind.  There are specific higher perspectives and powers to live, in order to have these chakra-lenses attuned to the new feminine reality that is now accessible. As they so attune, new potentials arise and unfold through our being, and we flawlessly manifest our self-sovereign reality.

The chakra activation program is a stand-alone activation series, outside of regular Whole Being Flourishing monthly membership. This stand-alone offering consists of remote sessions that run for 10 sessions (10 weeks), and is focused on establishing the higher function of the chakras in support of manifesting a flourishing life through deep attunement to the potentials arising. In the new feminine reality, all attention and focus is on the expression of the true potential self through which life ever new may flow forth. This causes our reality to become a fluidly expanding space of expression.

In the new reality of ‘awakening’ in the feminine, outer reality is no longer static, but rather a fluidly reshaping space of expression for the emerging, boundless potential self.  We are leaving the experience of struggle and repetitive lessons (karma) behind, and can now embrace a life of endless blessings and magic, and the chakras must adjust in order to attune to this new reality of ‘heaven on earth’. The sooner that we acclimate to the new, the sooner will we experience the graceful unfolding that is now possible.

The program consists of 10 healing/activation sessions at a set time on Sundays. Sessions are approximately 90 minutes, and conducted by long-time colleagues, healers Jodie and Anita Lucia.  Each week you receive access to a page of materials to work with in order to deepen integration of activations, and live in alignment with the higher powers of that particular chakra. The first and last sessions activate the whole chakra system. You will have access to resources after the program, so you can keep deepening in the new powers of the chakras!

Visit the details here: 10-Week Chakras Activation Program

The 20-Week Meridians Program ~ The Twelve Ordinary Meridians – Superpowers of Fluid Manifestation of a Higher Life

This 20-Week self-study program is an in-depth dive into the superpowers of the 12 ordinary meridians. 

Meridians Sing Our Environment into Formation

Outer reality, which is inseparable from our inner world because it is the holographic projection of inner, manifests through the 12 ordinary meridians. Nothing can appear in our environment unless it has resonance to the ‘song’ of the meridians. In fact, the meridians sing our reality into formation. The organs organize life in the physical, and by their frequencies and those of their meridians, matter takes form. It is truly a miraculous thing to recognize and behold how we manifest from our bodies. Our bodies are truly alchemical cauldrons for the manifestation of divine Intent!

As we feel our external environment increasingly as our direct expression, we will be far more motivated to live from purified meridians, knowing that as we awaken their powers, they will become the beautiful rivers upon which we journey through life.  From the inner activation, we lay down the ‘tracks’ for life to unfold within. These are not tracks in a linear time sense, but rather a fluid infrastructure into which we can actualize the potentials we are cause for with our whole being. We know that nothing gets manifested in our outer environment, that is not first activated within these 12 meridians – so that alone should provide the impetus to dedicated activation of these great powers.

Pause to feel their exquisite powers:

1- Lung: Continual Inspiration that ignites
2- Large Intestine: Receptiveness to all abundance
3- Stomach: The Power of Self-Determination
4- Spleen: Omni-perspectives that cause us to be the wise, all-inclusive observer of our reality
5- Heart: Self-support of being Home for Ourself
6- Small Intestine: Self-assurance that has unwavering faith that we cannot make a mistake
7- Bladder: Harmony across all dimensions and outside of time that causes deep alignment with Divine Will
8: Kidney: Creativity to build the sacred Temple for the True Self
9: Pericardium: Flexibility to interpret anew and open to higher possibilities for life
10- Thyroid (Triple Heater): Fertility that seeds a future beyond limitation
11- Gall Bladder: Humor to burst through limitations and show up as the sleeping giant now awakening
12- Liver: Rapture to Dream New Worlds beyond Imagination and ride the wave of creation on the cusp of evolution

 We are excited to invite you to join this remarkable, guided, self-paced journey. Our participant feedback has been wonderful. The offering is packed with practical applications cultivated to support awakening inner mastery. For details, visit: The 20-Week Meridians Program

Feeling at One with the Infinite Being ~ The Belvaspata of Oneness

The series of pages throughout this month build from one to the next. In Session 1, we explore the significance of feeling as a capacity of experience, and of feeling at one within the one true relationship. In Session 2, we discuss the power of unconditional living, to open us to perpetual opportunities. Through Session 3 we dive into the nature of Essential Mind, and the power source of connecting essence to essence, and we'll conclude with Session 4 by studying the phenomenon of 'spontaneous remissions' – aka, miracle healings....

In applied mysticism, when we live in openhearted wonder -- mystical doors do open for us. If we retract from them in confusion, fear, etc., then we slip out of our full presence in the moment, and our awareness returns to a level of focus on that which we perceive as familiar -- it is in essence, seeking shelter in the 'known.' This of course is a fallacy, as all of life is fluidly renewed in each moment, and form is not static -- perceived predictability is just that, perceived -- it is but one perception among many that are possible in each moment.

To provide deeper metaphysical context:

  • It is the case, that for eons of existence, the maintaining of individuation was done through tension -- through friction.

  • Living in 'survival' consciousness / hormones for many years as many experience, is an extreme of tension (the friction of perceived opposites.)

  • So here we find ourselves now in the Field of the One, and within this large field / stage of awareness, individuation is sustained through frequency, rather than the tension of opposites; and in specific, frequency means the expression of tone, such that we are singing ourselves into being. There is a specialty Belvaspata modality that supports this, called the Song of the Self.

  • At any given time, there are cycles within cycles occurring simultaneously. And we are in a cycle right now, wherein there is an ascension (or intensifying) of frequency, and a descension (or lessening intensity) of light. The way that this translates to our experience in embodiment, is that we feel more intensely now, with a key element being, that frequency -- tone -- begets form. Tones sing matter into form.

  • The words 'feeling' and 'emotion' are often used interchangeably, but to get a little more granular for the sake of really permeating with awareness and developing proficiency and skills to navigate experience, consider instead, that feeling is a capacity to experience emotions... that emotions are fluid, they are rapidly transiting responses to stimuli from within, or without; while feeling is the ability that allows you to register that you are experiencing emotions.

  • Said another way, it is possible to feel in ways, and at levels, that are not necessarily emotional. For instance, there are alchemical equations that discuss "primordial feelings of contentment," that underlie emotions.... So, think of feeling as a faculty, and emotions as part of what that faculty allows you to experience....

The opportunity inherent in this time, is to remember the fullness of feeling the presence of the Infinite One....

Now to ask: what is your feeling component with that? Do you feel the depths of the Infinite's love for you, and for all, course through you?

Almine has made the profound statement -- "Matter does not respond to ambivalence. Live as if you already are, that which you wish to become."  There's a simultaneity to recognizing that emptiness is the beginning of fullness, and that in our fluid surrender, we are not ambivalent -- rather we take an active role in expressing authentically and feeling fully.

That is a call for us to remember who we really are....

For full details about this offering, visit: Feeling at One with the Infinite ~ Belvaspata of Oneness

Healing Illness through A Return to Wholeness 

In this 3-6-months, individually customized program, you are assisted to a return to greater wholeness and physical vitality through daily remote healing with specialized protocols from the exquisite modality of Belvaspata; please visit our About page to meet experienced practitioners Anita Lucia and Jodie. 

In addition to the sessions, you will receive audio and video meditations for self-paced use and study in support of healing, as well as a general monthly healing plan with daily exercises, based on your condition(s) and level of engagement in your healing.  The methods are not medical advice (you are encouraged to carefully review our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions pages), and will in no way interfere with any current treatment you are receiving from a medical professional. 

The cost is $375 USD. If you require a monthly payment plan, please be in contact with us to discuss what may work for you. We recommend the full 5 months for lasting energetic change, but you can decide to quit at any time if the program is not for you.

If this program is of interest, please book a 20-30 minute free consultation so we can determine if it's a good fit.

Included in this program...

  • Daily remote healing
  • Weekly remote healing session
  • Download link to materials to work with for each month
  • Communication via email correspondence at any time, and as needed

Visit the details here to learn more about this offer. 

The Embodied Harmonics Symbol Attunement Program

Many years ago I had a clear sense that there needed to be healing support by way of an entrainment field, such that clients could be held in a 'sacred space' that dissolved interference and upheld higher potentials. That is when I started working on the EHS tool (Enhanced Healing Symbol, later renamed Embodied Harmonics Symbol).  

I worked on it tirelessly for years, as I searched for more effective healing methods that would work in all the clients that came to me.

I wove it into a process I called 'Vertical Awaring', which enabled depth perspective beyond the stories of pain, and the awakening of the 'observer' self--portal to the eternal self. This changed my life completely, as I was now able to switch from being caught in situations to observing them from a place of deep peace. More graceful unfolding resulted as I navigated great intensity at the time when I discovered this inner alignment.

Meanwhile, the EHS  expanded as I did, but it was not until I met Almine and had her bless it that it expanded to far beyond.  It is now a very powerful tool that entrains through tonal luminosity (indivisible frequency and light). It is fully supported and holds most expansive flows of tone and light that elevates organs, meridians, body systems, etc, to higher vibratory states....higher harmonics.  it works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

I used to 'teach' the EHS, but it was hard to teach when it keeps operating beyond what I can know. So now I simply attune clients to it, so they have their 'personal' EHS, 

And in the course of the years, 'vertical awaring' was renamed the 3-centers alignment, and it expanded to include 'horizonal awaring' as well. You see, initially I only had part of the picture--the piece that served in the Dream of Separation. The other part came from the feminine reality, where life is experienced in its broadest aspects from knowing the self as vast as creation itself.   Vertical awaring is about individuation that expresses the true self and is free of conditioning, negative emotions, attachments, and programs, and it creates a portal opening to the horizontal reality of the feminine.  When the true feminine can arise into embodied expression, we open to a life beyond opposites...a life of miracles.

This topic is addressed from many angles in the programs we offer, but for now, I will briefly explain how monumentally life-changing it is to operate from vertical and horizontal 'awaring', or from 3-centers alignment that is fully activated in outer and inner space.

With 3-centers alignment of Head, Heart, and Gut from the 'outer' perspective, we create an opening to the eternal self that brings to us pure potential in alignment with our Heart's true desires.   When we engage from our vastness, we permeate our whole environment and inner and outer realities are experienced as indivisible, We then live in devotion to the our full potential arising, and all relationships express our relationship with Source, with Life, with Self. 

As we deepen in this and the inner aspects of the 3 centers activate, the body evolves new faculties, and we participate in life as co-creators...the potency, authenticity, and inspired action that we express into our lives lives is then a blessing to all life.  We bring heaven on earth through the sanctity of our own journey wherein we create of our life, a work of art.

To receive your personal EHS, view the full details here: Embodied Harmonics Symbol Activation Program

Your EHS is yours for life!  And you can use it in all of our programs for enhanced effectiveness

The Five Elements

* Please note that there are self-study modules forthcoming for each of the elements!

Activating the Wind Element to Establish and Manifest from the Power of the One

This product contains materials for a  deep dive of what it is to live from the activated Wind element. In Wind, we enter into Oneness, which allows us to manifest through the Power of the One.

As we harmonize the 3 fields of individuated life, namely the Fields of the Material, of Cause, and of Intent, we leave behind the reality of polarity under the law of compensation, and enter into growth by inspiration and alchemical change.

Comes as 5 modules– each with discussion, audios and exercises, a suggested process to activate the element using the materials, and Rune Support.


Self-knowledge precedes self-love. But the only self-knowledge we can ever have is that we are an infallible and pure instrument of the One Life.
Hana Vesta Concept 8 (1)

The Heart creates emotions, which shape our reality into being through the 12 meridians and their organs.  The tones of the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind (Metal), and Aether (Wood) have been absent from our expression for eons in the dream of separation, where we have been subjected to the laws of polarity and compensation.  Yet when these tones come back online, a new reality reveals, which operates under different laws. In this new reality we flow on inspiration and grow by alchemical ignition through catalyzing higher life through the full Song of our unique perspective.

Wind is the element that the cosmos has entered into now, and it is a purifying ‘space’ where life is ‘reset’.  Through it, we live by inspiration, and it gives the Heart center ‘wings’ to dream life anew from depth within. As we self-recognize as our own source of fulfillment, we manifest higher dreams rather than needs-based desires….

All changes when you learn to live the higher tones of the 5 elements and their meridian system known as the 12 ordinary meridians…

This is Part 5-Wind Element, in the Program ~ Activating the Tones of the Five Elements for Higher Manifestation.

It is the most extensive of the elements, because we are now learning to live from the field of the Wind element, in order to manifest life anew at a higher order. The five modules of the Wind are as follows:

  • Module 1 ~ Alchemical Creation from the Field of the One ~ Living from Active Appreciation
    Module 2 ~ Permeating Fields of Form from Activated Wind ~ Bringing Greater Potentials into Your Playground of Life
    Module 3 ~ See Only the New to Awaken to All Possibilities in the Field of the One
    Module 4 ~ The Secret Language of Inspiration as the Movement from the Heart’s Field of Hope
    Module 5 ~ Internalizing the Breath of Source ~ The Alchemy of Oneness ~ Establishing in the Field of the One

For full details, please visit our page: The Five Elements

We are delighted to invite you to explore our Complimentary Resources pages, such that you might experience a sample of the content that we offer our Members.

To read further details about our offerings, continue here: Monthly Membership; About; & our comprehensive FAQ

If you have questions or special requests, please Contact Us; we will be delighted to hear from you!

Blessings of Vibrant Health, Clarity of Perception, and Passionate Exploration of Life!

Anita & Jodie

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