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For those who are newly meeting us, what our monthly Members receive each week, are a 90 minute remote healing session on Sundays, facilitated by two experienced practitioners - Anita Lucia and Jodie; a session support page within the member's area, featuring an elaborated discussion of the topic of our focus for the week; a link to a customized Runes integration; suggested exercises; Fragrance Alchemy protocols; and video / audio meditations to revisit through the week, all for the price of a single stand-alone session and in devoted support of Awakening Inner Mastery!

We walk this path as catalysts for each their own deepening and realizations, with deepest respect for the fact that all healing happens within the Self... through reverent recognition of the perfection underlying all of life, may it be ignited! We warmly invite you to explore our site, and to be in touch as inspired; we will be delighted to hear from you

One Month Only Option is $125 USD ~ Includes four healing sessions, daily support, and weekly emails with support tools. ~ Access to support materials is available during your 30-day period of active subscription. This option does not renew. Sign-up below.

Recurring Monthly Option is $100 USD ~ Includes four healing sessions, daily support, and weekly emails with support tools. ~ With the continued support of your self-work, and deep-dives into suggested themes, you will notice shifts in time: less density, pain, struggle, stress… more peace, grace, optimism, ease in moving forward, and vitality. This option renews every 30 days. Sign-up below.

  • Our weekly sessions occur each Sunday, at 5 PM ET / 6 PM AT / 10 PM GMT / 2 PM PT, with a duration of approximately 90 mins. You will receive an email several hours prior to each session, on either Saturday afternoon, evening or Sunday early afternoon, with insights about the upcoming session and weekly focus.
  • Once logged in to your account, on the top menu bar you will find links to the pages for each Sunday thusfar within the current month, as well as the link to all of the pages from the prior month.
  • Our healing / activation protocols are offered in real time, each Sunday, and sessions are performed remotely (there is no live call for these). Where possible, participants are invited to be in a meditative state though this is not required.

  • If the specific Sunday timing does not work with your schedule, at your convenience through the week, enter into a meditative state with intent to receive the blessings offered, and work with the week's materials offered on the Session support page -- audios, videos, PDFs, suggested exercises, and Runes spreads -- as inspired. 

  • In addition to the Sunday sessions, there are daily alchemical protocols offered to each member. You are included in all support as of the date of your joining, including our focus for the current week, and our daily support. The blessings offered are delivered in such a way, that they remain as an enfolding embrace and are available to be taken up by participants in each their own ideal timing -- healing and activation are never enforced within the exquisite modality of Belvaspata that we work with, thus all unfolds uniquely and with grace for each.   

It is our joyful privilege to work with you, for whatever length of engagement best serves you! 

For details on our Specialty Programs, visit any of the following links:

    More on the nature of our offerings:

    • Whole Being Flourishing is a platform for healing, where healing is about awakening into wholeness.  The focus is on body honoring, recognition, deeper activation – applied mysticism for awakening fuller bodily expression, in recognition of the true body as central expresser of our life.  We work with Belvaspata, Angelic Healing of the Heart, and other alchemical tools received by the great mystic and healer Almine.

      On-going support through the week is done by holding a powerful entrainment field that gently and persistently exposes the participant to higher frequencies and potentials.

      We are committed to keeping the cost of monthly membership accessible to as many as possible. For less than the price of a single private session with one practitioner, included in a monthly membership are 4 sessions facilitated by 2 experienced and devoted practitioners, along with supportive self-study materials. Each weekly session is facilitated by both Anita & Jodie, and session support materials include audio meditations, music (activating) elixirs, and Rune integration support. Sessions are held on Sundays, at 5pm ET / 6 pm ADT / 2pm PT / 10pm GMT. Sessions run for about 90 minutes. 

      You are held lovingly and reverently throughout the duration of your participation, by our dedication to this grateful privilege.

      To learn more about our long-standing partnership and commitment in WBF, please visit both our About page and FAQ page.

    We are delighted to invite you to explore our Complimentary Resources pages, such that you might experience a sample of the content that we offer our Members.

    If you have questions or special requests, please Contact Us; we will be delighted to hear from you!

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