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What is the nature of this offering?

  • Whole Being Flourishing is a platform for healing, where healing is about awakening into wholeness.  The focus is on body honoring, recognition, deeper activation – applied mysticism for awakening fuller bodily expression, in recognition of the true body as central expresser of our life.  We work with Belvaspata, Angelic Healing of the Heart, and other alchemical tools received by the great mystic and healer Almine.

    On-going support through the week is done by holding a powerful entrainment field that gently and persistently exposes the participant to higher frequencies and potentials.

    We are committed to keeping the cost of monthly membership accessible to as many as possible. For less than the price of a single private session with one practitioner, included in a monthly membership are 4 sessions facilitated by 2 experienced and devoted practitioners, along with supportive self-study materials. Each weekly session is facilitated by both Anita & Jodie, and session support materials include audio meditations, music (activating) elixirs, and Rune integration support. Sessions are held on Sundays, at 5pm ET / 6 pm ADT / 2pm PT / 10pm GMT. Sessions run for about 90 minutes. You are asked to be in a meditative or quietly receptive state for at least an hour.

    You are held lovingly and reverently throughout the duration of your participation, by our dedication to this grateful privilege.

    To learn more about our long-standing partnership and commitment in WBF, please visit our About page

Is monthly recurring membership the only way to participate in Whole Being Flourishing?

  • No; we are presently also offering a stand-alone, self-paced program, with weekly remote activation, for a one-time, non-recurring payment. In coming months, we will offer other stand-alone program options, as well as topic-specific activation products. You may view our current program offering here: 10-Week Chakra Activation Program

How do I access content on this site?

  • Whole Being Flourishing is a membership site, to which you must apply, and be approved by an administrator to gain entry. Upon approval your payment grants you access to member's only content, within the member's area. You may choose a single month only option, and receive access / membership for 30 days, or a recurring monthly membership renewable every 30 days, which you can discontinue at any time. As a paid member, you have access within your account to all of your stored information, as well as the ability to change your membership settings, and to end your membership at any time. Any member account and all information therein, can be fully and permanently deleted. All relevant details are provided when a new member initiates an application, and are also presented for reference on the Welcome page within the member's area. Jodie is the website administrator, and you can be in contact anytime with technical or content related questions. 
  • We respectfully request that you keep all copyrighted materials private; nothing within our member's area is intended to be shared publicly. We also request that you do not share your login information with others – the continued viability of this venture, including our donation to Almine, depends on your membership contributions. Instead, if you feel this platform may be of benefit to others, please feel welcome to invite them to join us! 

How are the session support materials presented each week?

  • There is a theme or focus for each remote healing session, and we will send an email with an overview, prior to session time. Overall, we will be establishing a field supporting the dissolution of density and illusion for each participant.  A special focus will be on helping everyone have greater clarity in order to be able to maintain focused attention and awareness upon the real. This will help you to keep your gaze fixed upon the underlying perfection that guides the flow of life. When you see perfection in each moment, the veils of illusion lift, and wholeness is revealed. We will be working with many angelic groups and angel gods, and specially chosen alchemical processes. We will give you instructions of what you might focus on, music to play, and Fragrance Alchemy oils to use (if you have them). All elements are optional, yet can enhance the experience. Once a member, in order to access the resources associated with each, you will log into your account here on (you may like to bookmark this login page, within your preferred browser), and look for the page titled according to the date of the Sunday session (i.e. June 4th; for the following week June 11th, etc.) 

Can a member submit individual / specific healing requests?

  • Members may write to us to describe what they may want us to focus on, what you wish to achieve, and we may hold these as themes applicable to the group context. While sessions are group ones, we will tune in to each person, and we can bring things according to issues experienced in the group. Whenever you wish assistance with a long-standing challenge, poignant or emergency circumstances, please visit our Private Sessions and be in contact for your member's discount.

After joining, how long do members retain access to their accounts?

  • Access to the WBF members area, receipt of the weekly session emails, and member's-only content is available while accounts are actively paid -- you will retain the ability to log in to your account until the date of discontinued payment, at which point your account will be suspended and archived, or, at your request, your account and all associated information can be permanently deleted. If at a future time you choose to rejoin, your account can be reactivated, unless you choose to delete it permanently; in this case, you could rejoin at a future time by setting up a new account.

For whom are your offerings best suited, and for whom are they not? Are there any conditions for membership?

  • Our offerings are best suited for anyone who is walking a path of spiritual self-discovery, and wishes sustained, highly specialized healing-activation support in these intense times of spiritual awakening. Specific requests will be focused on as well.
  • Whole Being Flourishing advises that any persons who are currently or regularly utilizing consciousness-altering substances (including prescribed medications), are not suited for the services and information products offered by Whole Being Flourishing. 
  • Activation of new accounts requires that before proceeding, you review and understand, both our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer pages; your consent to these is required for use of our services.  Approval of new account applications, continued access to, and use of our services, is at the complete and sole discretion of Whole Being Flourishing.  Violation of these Terms can result in cancellation / revocation of services, and deletion of your membership account.   If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, in whole or in part, please do not use our services.

How are payments processed?

  • We will not store or collect your payment card details. That information is provided directly to our third-party payment processor whose use of your personal information is governed by their Privacy Policy. This payment processor adheres to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of payment information. The payment processor we work with is: Stripe

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
  • We are in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requirements, and for your convenience, there are links to our Privacy Policy, Terms and ConditionsDisclaimer,  and Cookies Policy, linked in the bottom menu of each our of website's page. You are free to unsubscribe from any or all communications, with us, to discontinue use of this site, close your account, and have all stored information permanently deleted, at any time. We completely respect your privacy, and all information provided by you, is held confidentially. It is our joyful privilege to work with you, for whatever length of engagement best serves you.

Will I continue to receive correspondence from you once I've chosen to archive or delete my account?
  • No, you will no longer receive correspondence from us. All members all eligible to receive 6 months of a remote daily BVP maintenance protocol, from the date of their last session with us, to support all session work that has been done during the course of membership with us. You may opt out of receiving this if you wish.

What measures are in place for your website's security?

  • Whole Being Flourishing respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide us is confidential. uses a secure connection using an SSL certificate to protect your data while using our website. This can be recognized by the (green) padlock in the address bar of your browser. 

How can I get in touch with you directly?

  • Please feel free to write to us at any time. As always, we are delighted to hear from you with any questions (technical or content related), or comments about your participation with any of our offerings. Please be in touch through our Contact page. We are located in the Atlantic time zone, and strive to promptly answer all inquiries within one business day. 

We appreciate all opportunities to serve you through inspired refinement... Blessings of Grace-Filled Unfoldings!

Jodie & Anita

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