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Complimentary Resources

Three 'Sample Weeks' & One Rune Daily Pick

A warm welcome as you explore our site!

We are delighted to provide the materials on this page complimentary to you, such that you may get a feeling for what we offer as weekly content to our recurring Whole Being Flourishing members.  If you have any questions or wish further info as you explore, please be in touch anytime - or visit our Frequently Asked Questions - we will be delighted to hear from you!

Our Current Focus: The Five Elements 

For the ongoing focus of our weekly sessions from early 2019, we are embarking with our members upon a deep-dive exploration of the 5 elements! The 5 Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind (Metal), Aether (Wood) - are massive powers to live in individuation that is integrated into oneness – inseparable and without a gap between the two. With them activated, we live as a unique lens or ‘alchemical element’ in the grand equation of the One expressing as the Many. The One Life is expansive, abundant, genius, generous, vitalizing, inspiring – through the 5 elements we become the conduit of the One Life.  When the 5 elements activate, so much changes in us, that we embody the power to change life on Earth.   They enable us to sing our full Song of Self….

We are very excited and feel the immense privilege of participating in the great revelations and sharing of these emerging powers!  To read synopses of our recent week's explorations, please visit our Blog!

Three Complimentary 'Sample Weeks' to explore

As mentioned above, we are delighted to offer complimentary access to the 3 weeks featured below, which have been previously offered to our Members (in sequence, through Nov. 2017), such that you may get a feeling for what we offer as weekly content to our recurring Whole Being Flourishing members. In addition to these 3 weeks, our self-paced Specialty Programs, for both the Chakras and Meridians, feature samples from their introductory weeks on each of their respective pages. If either (or both) are of specific interest to you, we invite you to explore those pages as well, as inspired!

Sample Week 1 ~ Attract What You Love, and Wish to Include in Your Reality

Sample Week 2 ~ Perceiving True Life Beyond Illusion from Upgraded Sense Organs

Sample Week 3 ~ Refining Self-Perception through Self-Devotion

One Rune Daily Pick from the Rune Mastery Environment (RME) App

The Runes are the original work of the great Seer Almine, and are not only tools of self-guidance, but also of accelerated body evolution. Each week on Whole Being Flourishing, our session support page features a theme-specific Runes spread for our members. The Rune Mastery Environment App has been co-developed by Dave Reedijk and Anita Lucia. You may follow the instructions and click the link below, to draw a Rune of guidance and inspiration for your day.

One Rune Daily Pick

Follow these steps to do a daily pick:

  • Get centered and welcome support
  • Hold an intention for daily inspiration or for guidance around a specific issue
  • Click on the deck image to pick a rune (you will be redirected to the website page)

Look at the color of you card, and you can determine what field you are being guided to bring awareness to today.

  1. Red – First Field ~ Root chakra ~ Shamanism – Physical
  2. Orange – 2nd Field ~ Sacral chakra ~ White Magic – Soul
  3. Yellow – 3rd Field ~ Solar Plexus ~ Healing/Wholeness through Remembered Oneness – Mental (lower spirit)
  4. Green – 4th Field ~ Heart ~ Mysticism – Higher spirit
  5. Blue – 5th Field ~ Throat ~ Metaphysics (eternal self)
  6. Purple – 6th Field ~ 3rd Eye ~ Godhood
  7. Violet – 7th Field ~ Crown ~ Unfolding Journey
  8. Light Blue – 8th Field ~ Lahun (above Crown) Resurrection/Graceful Metamorphosis

To learn more about the Runes, please email:

To sign up for a free membership of the Rune Mastery Environment App (limited access), click here You can get a daily rune on your computer or any mobile device.

As you progress in your integration of their powers, then they can also be used to manifest reality.  Full training is available if you want to go all the way!

Coming Soon

  • A Complimentary 21-Day Series, on Cultivating Self-Love as a means of Catalyzing Reverent Living

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to be notified when our new free series becomes available, please Contact Us ~ we will be delighted to hear from you!

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