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Shedding the Programmed Existence

4 Jul 2018 4:31 PM | Jodie (Administrator)

Blessings All! Here is an excerpt from our WBF vault of contemplations and self-examination exercises:

Shedding the Programmed Existence

How can you cooperate with this most pivotal of time? Firstly, uncover all the ways you try to plan and control your life…you are not the planner…you are to become the dreamer and visionary, and let the universal laws enact around and through you in support of your heart’s dreams. Can you even dream life anew? When you try, do you do it within the confines of what the rational mind thinks is possible?

Make a list of all beliefs you hold, all nostalgic attachments to the past, all ‘what ifs’, ‘should have’, regrets, personal identities and masks you wear, personality traits as coping and defense mechanisms, world views, opinions about world events, attachment to your rational thinking, social conditioning, proscribed values, beliefs about aging, beliefs about personal limitations, etc. After you have at least a full page of items, read them over and imagine that they are all completely false or illusory..the stuff that gets you stuck in other people’s realities rather than your own. Burn the list, and write out an affirmation of liberation.

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