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Power of Deep Focus on a given Chakra

21 Jun 2018 12:59 PM | Jodie (Administrator)

An excerpt from Week 1 of our 10-Week Chakras Activation Program:

When the chakras are activated, then mere focus on it, when done from appreciative awareness, begins to activate its powers in our environment.

This happens immediately, though it may not be noticeable in the early stages of your exploration. We exist on 8 fields of reality, and the densest is the 1st field of the physical. So while things shift in the instant when there is both appreciation and clear intent, it may be impacting the subtler levels in the beginning. 

With perseverance and deepening in the chakras' higher powers, however, in time you will notice instant change in your state of being and environment as you engage them in this way.

Throughout the program, we share messages to engage the chakra we are focused on through focus and slight intent.  As you increase competency in this, you will find that your focus creates ripples around you, such that people and situations are impacted. What is happening is your body is becoming an entrainment a tuning fork, you can emphasize the qualities as tones, by focusing within on these miraculous faculties of the activated body!  

Blessings on Getting to Know Your Miraculous Body! 

 Anita & Jodie

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