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Upcoming Offerings

15 Jun 2018 9:42 AM | Jodie (Administrator)

Dear Ones, 

With great excitement for the opportunity to deepen in our study and activation of these exquisite lenses of perception, we are posting this reminder of upcoming programs!

First Offering:

The Chakra Activation program begins this weekend, with the first of 10 remote activation sessions this Sunday, June 17th. This program has deepened me into the feminine reality, and I am very much looking forward to redoing / deepening further with others!  You are warmly invited to join in the profound experience that Jodie and I have created together with the beloved angelic realms.

Details on Whole Being Flourishing on this link: 10-week Chakra Activation Program

Second Offering:

In the Whole Being Flourishing monthly membership, where we do weekly remote healing sessions, we’ve started doing ‘series’ around a theme, which we then offer in a standalone program. This is how the Chakra Activation program was developed.

Our next series is on the Activation of the 12 Ordinary Meridians ~ Perspectives of Magical Manifestation. We will be diving into deep activation of the meridians over 14-16 weeks (so the next 3-4 months).  For those who’ve done the Radiant Powers Program, this is different in that the focus is the remote healing with full support from the angel gods of the new cosmos, angels of limitlessness, and more.  We will focus on perspectives and attitudes of the twelve meridians, to prepare the body as cauldron of high alchemy.

Meridian program starts this weekend, Sunday, June 17th. Join the monthly membership platform for the next 4 months to be participate in this profound awakening of the ordinary meridians.

Sign up link: Join here page ~ Explore Whole Being Flourishing: About & FAQ

These programs are supporting the building of our ‘frequency’ vehicle to move gracefully in the new reality!

“Great light emitted by an individual creates descension by forming a black hole. It contracts all space around it.”

“Great light balanced by strong frequency expands and irradiates all life by including it. “

Runes of the Unfathomable, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, 

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