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Weekly Healing Sessions

~ and a daily field of alchemical support through Cosmic unfoldings ~

It is a delight to have you visit!

Whole Being Flourishing is a platform for healing, where healing is about awakening into wholeness. The focus is on body honoring, recognition, deeper activation - applied mysticism for awakening fuller bodily expression. We work with Belvaspata, Angelic Healing of the Heart, and other alchemical tools received by the great mystic and Seer Almine.

"Trusting that our lives are guided in every way by our largest identity that spans all existence, we can release our attempts to control life. But what guides our Greater Self? The One Life that sustains us all - infinite, timeless and vast. From your expanded state, feel the essence of the One Infinite Being - the serenity, compassion, and ageless wisdom. Feel your expanded being as part of the Infinite's vastness and all-encompassing love. This is what runs all life. Allow yourself to surrender to the guidance and love of the Infinite." ~ from Belvaspata Volume, by Almine

If you would like more information or to schedule a private session, please feel free to be in contact any time, via our Contact page.

Blessings of Vibrant Health, Clarity of Perception, and Passionate Exploration of Life!

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